here we go

Wading back into the fray


After a years-long hiatus I am going to again try my hand at blogging. If you are like me the term blog induces a simultaneous shrug and head shake born of over saturation and futility. Sure, there are lots of other blogs out there, but watching recent events unfold from an arm’s length distance has shown me that now more than ever my voice can have an impact, and so can yours.

The short version of my background is that I am a product of the Tea Party movement. I have a degree in philosophy which means that I have a strong BS meter and a deep understanding of Marxism and progressive thought. I describe myself as a conservatarian, being largely a libertarian harboring some conservative notions. If the synthesis of these two camps seems puzzling I would encourage you to read Charles W Cooke’s book The Conservatarian Manifesto. While I do not agree with him 100% I believe that Charles explains how the philosophical underpinnings of these two movements have collided together, and I agree that embracing a more liberty minded version of conservatism will bring more of the younger generation into the political world.

I am an old milenial with a historical memory. I am a disruptive political animal. My hope is to use this space to further the conversation regarding the role of political parties in a world left uninformed and divided.